I'm Matt Burgess, a software engineer based in Southern England.

Matt Burgess I'm a certified AWS Solutions Architect, with a wide range of SaaS skills looking to move my focus to infrastructure architecture, automation, service reliability and AWS solutions.



Senior Developer
Jul 2017 - Present

Responsible for planning and delivering large projects and ongoing maintenance of the platform. Currently executing the migration of our SaaS application used by major UK airports to a secure AWS cloud infrastructure using orchestration tools. Instrumental in the extraction of the monolith application to a micro-service architecture and improving technical procedures and standards through feedback and the sharing of best practice knowledge.


Lead Developer
Jul 2013 - Jul 2017

Responsible for system stability, infrastructure management, feature development and maintenance of the platform on a day to day basis. Upgraded legacy areas of the platform to a Laravel based foundation with a full suite of unit and integration tests, following the domain driven design pattern. Experienced in deploying and implementing modern code without downtime or negative impact to the user experience. Managed a small team, coaching best practices and improving skills through the use of code reviews and paired programming.

Hutchison 3G (Three UK)

Assistant Manager
Oct 2008 - Jul 2013

Managed of a team of 10 sales assistants ensuring performance against sales and customer service KPIs. Responsible for ensuring the performance of the store, and assisting the manager where required. Ensured compliance with company policies, provided customer support and sales. My performance was recognised when I was placed in the top 20 managers in the company, being rewarded with a night out in London with the other 19 managers from around the country.


Languages & technologies

  • Amazon Web Services
  • PHP / Laravel
  • Javascript
  • MySQL / MariaDB / Aurora
  • Redis

PHP skills

  • Experienced with Laravel 5.1+
  • Some experience of the Yii 1.1 framework
  • Unit testing with PHPUnit
  • Design patterns: DRY, SOLID, TDD & DDD

Orchestation & tools

  • Ansible
  • Terraform
  • Packer
  • CircleCI

Contact me

Email: matt.burgess92@googlemail.com

If you would like to discuss working together, my preferred method of communication is through email or Linkedin. If however, you want to discuss technical, or 'geeky' topics, tweet me.


  • Learning & playing with new technology
  • House of Cards
  • Unplanned adventures & exploring
  • Golf & Football
  • Space
  • Modern history (1900 - 1980)